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Waste Diversion


We created close to 360,000 pounds of waste last year, but we diverted 87% of that waste through composting, recycling and reusing. Each year we work alongside Clean Vibes and the San Francisco Department of the Environment to achieve the highest possible diversion rates. All of the single-use cups, plates, bowls, and utensils are 100% compostable at Outside Lands thanks to our sustainability partner Eco-Products. Please make sure to put them in the proper green bin marked “compost.” You can also look for our Clean Vibes Trash Talkers® who will help point you in the right direction.

Outside Lands houses an area on the festival grounds that provides an educational forum for sustainability and social consciousness, showcasing local community organizations. The festival provides hydration stations throughout the park for filling your reusable drinking vessels. With the help of Clean Vibes, Outside Lands diverted 87% of all waste from the landfill in 2022.

Clean Vibes Outside Lands 2022 Waste Diversion

87% of all waste diverted from the landfill


54.48 tons

108,960 pounds


100.91 tons

201,813 pounds


23.83 tons

47,660 pound

Total Waste Produced 179.22 tons

358,433 pounds

Total Waste Diverted
155.39 tons

310,773 pounds

Commingled Recycling to Recology – 126,628 pounds

Wood to Recology – 56,980 pounds

Used Cooking Oil to Sequential – 13,680 pounds

Metal to Recology – 460 pounds

E Waste Dropped off at Recology - 1,580 pounds

Plastic Film to Superlink - 1,500 pounds

Food Donated to Food Runners – 500 pounds

Misc. Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle - 485 pounds

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